Industry Requirements

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As Celebrants we must ensure that we are always up to date with the industry requirements.


Marriage Act 1961,
Regulations 1963,
The Guidelines,
Code of Practice,
AGD Fact Sheets,


Can Print
Changes to the AGD celebrant PortalAGD celebrant Portal

Celebrants are required to visit this site regularly. All celebrants were informed that their invoice was payable via the portal and the 2015 questionnaire was required to be completed within this portal.

OPD – 2015

Every authorised celebrant must complete 5 hours of OPD each year – before 31st December. Our association recommends The International College of Celebrancy for the highest standards in trainers and topic development. OPD can be booked through the Celebrants Training College website:

Changes to Marriage ACT in 2014

1. The Australian Passport was introduced as a document that can be used to verify Date and place of birth for any person. (So if a person gives you their current or expired passport then that is the only document that has to be presented for *Proof of date and place of birth and *Photo Identification – However, if a person gives you their *Birth Certificate then an additional document must be presented for Photo Identification – eg *Licence)
2. The forms were removed from the Regulations
3. The numbers were removed from the official forms – (Only form 15 was retained)
4. Some forms were re-named – (Declaration of no legal impediment)
5. Happily ever before and after was re-designed

New Celebrant App

In Sept 2015 a new App became available for celebrants that means you can take your office with you. Celebrant Business allows you to enter all the details of the wedding and print or email forms on-site. It assists you with stationery eg – invoicing, booking forms, legal forms and a checklist to take with you to the rehearsal and the wedding. This App can be purchased through the App store.

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