About our Organisation

We are a new Celebrant Association created to offer you the best place for sharing, learning and celebrating. The owner of The Celebrants Training College, Sally Cant, was asked by many celebrants to start up this association. Many Celebrants and Students of celebrancy felt that other options did not give them what they were after in a professional association. What we offer is:

1.   To provide members with Ongoing Professional Development opportunities

2.   To provide members with networking opportunity

3.   To provide members with training

4.   To promote the role of ceremony in everyday life

5.   To offer professional and appropriate insurance for our members



1.     We care about your ongoing development

2.     We want to put you in touch with others – so we organise group meetings

3.     We will listen to you

4.     We will be your voice – after asking you your opinion



President: Sally Cant – 0408691405

Vice President: Michelle Kiernan – 0404069747

Secretary: Dudley Raine – 0422628409

Treasurer: Lyn Douglas – 0409674394